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South Georgia man sets his lights to music

December 19, 2005

Worth County-- Lights are a common sight during the holidays. Some of you spend hours filling rooftops and yards with lighted reminders of the Christmas season. One man created an amazing display of light and sound.

With several taps of a mouse, Ron Johnson takes music and moving colors on a computer screen to the world outside.

"A lot of man hours, lights not working, making them work. All that stuff," says Johnson. Outside is where the most magic takes place. "When I hit switch, it came on so I must have done something right," says Johnson. And of course it's his favorite place to watch.

"This is one of my favorite things I like to do, favorite time of the year," says Johnson. He's been lighting his home for fifteen years, putting music to the lights for the last three. "It's controlled by two computer controlled boxes with 32 circuits coming out into the yard. The computer tells each circuit what to do," says Johnson.

It's a lot of circuits for thousands of lights. "It's possibly right at 20,000," says Johnson. So how much does it cost for this holiday hobby?  "I probably have have about $4,000 invested in the whole thing right now," says Johnson.

Every penny he says is worth it. "Anything dealing with Jesus, that's the best thing," says Johnson. The joy on people's faces makes him work even harder. "That's why I put it up so they will come," says Johnson.

And when they come, not only will they see, but they can hear. They just have to tune to 105.1. He spent hours getting the sound just right. "I have to listen to the music and hit the spacebar to beat to the music, every little beat," says Johnson.

He says that beat will increase even more. "It'll be a lot bigger and better next year," says Johnson. By next year, all 3.6 acres will be covered. "Oh love it. I just love it," says Johnson.

Johnson usually turns his musical lights on by 6 p.m. He's located at the corner of Story Road and Camp Osborne Road in Worth County.



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