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Busiest mailing day of the year USPS

December 19, 2005

Albany - It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also the busiest for the U S postal Service, spreading cheer card by card, fruitcake by fruitcake, and package by package, if they're there on time.

At times, the parking lot of the post office on Meredith drive looks more like a thoroughfare, with packages arriving and being carried in by the armload, cart, or even the assistance of a tiny elf.

After 18 years with the Postal Service, Andrew Skandamis operates like a machine, "Robot (dances like a robot) you ready?" to get all those packages out by Christmas Day.

"Swamped," he says about the crowds, "It's continuous. A couple of weeks before Christmas it's pretty much the same throughout the day."

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas the postal Service will deliver 20 Billion letters and packages. Monday is the busiest mailing day. 400,000 parcels are expected to travel through Albany. Quite a few of those are being sent by Puddin Bass, but she's using the Automated Postal Center to avoid long lines.

Puddin says, "It is so convenient, and I love it 'cause I can come after hours and I don't have to stand in line."

And it's easy enough for even a child, like three year old Patrick to sort (throwing box) and send his Christmas presents as well. But if you're not quite as proficient with technology as Patrick, just see Andrew, he's happy to help. He says, "The Spirit. Everybody's spirit. 'Hey man, how you doing?' Just like that. Everybody's upbeat and ready for Christmas."

And even though he'll send you away empty handed, "Alrighty, thank you. Merry Christmas," you'll leave with a smile.

If you didn't make it to the post office before the window service closed Monday, you can still go and use the Automated Postal Center like Puddin Bass used. There's one located at the Meredith Drive location and another on Perimeter Road in Valdosta.

If you are sending something for Christmas, you'll need to send it priority to get it there on time. Also, if you are sending valuables, or an expensive gift, insurance is recommended.

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