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Commissioners appoint new Hospital Authority member

December 19, 2005

Albany - Two critics of Phoebe Putney ask to be appointed to the Hospital Authority, but neither gets his wish.

Monday, Proctor and Gamble's Vince Falcione asked Dougherty County commissioners to help lower health care costs. He says costs in southwest Georgia are some of the highest in the nation and are still going up. Falcione says the hospital authority isn't doing a good job, and he applied for an open seat on the board.

As did David Prisant. Just last week, he questioned Phoebe C-E-O Joel Wernick about board oversight of Wernick's leadership and hospital executives' travel expenses.

But commissioners appointed businessman Ralph Rosenberg.

"We we're looking for someone who was very objective, someone with a business background, someone who understands the process by which an authority should run. And we wanted to make sure we had someone very interested in this community," said Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

"I don't know this new person, but I hear good things about him," said Falcione. "That's the important thing. We just want people on there that can take care of business and do what's right for southwest Georgia."

Chairman Jeff Sinyard says Phoebe Putney did not tell commissioners who they wanted on the hospital authority.