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Albany Post Office prepares for busiest day

December 19, 2005

Albany- With just six days until Christmas, the Albany Post Office is expected to be one of the busiest places Monday. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas the Albany Post Office and Distribution Center will handle 20 million pieces of mail. The temporary help is in place and the letter will be arriving by the truck full.

It's the calm before the storm, but for these Santa helpers, the storm will come in the form of Christmas cards and boxes at the Albany Post Office.

"Staring about 11:00 or 12:00 Sunday we're going to start getting the mail in and actually what you see behind me here is going to be standing room only just about with all the mail we're going to have in here Sunday night," said David Gunnoe, Manager of Mail Processing.

Sunday night is usually quiet, regular sorting and preparations for the week, but Sunday night it's all about Merry Monday.

"Actually Monday, what we're calling Merry Monday here in this office, is going to be our busiest day as far as the Christmas cards and stuff you mail out," said Gunnoe.

On a normal day the Albany Post Office handles between 150,000 and 200,000 cancellations, Monday alone that will double.

"We're looking at anywhere from 350,000 to 400,000 cancellations in this office, just tomorrow," said Gunnoe.

Once Monday's over, the Christmas rush will spread from the post office to your street. Those anxiously waiting cards and gifts will finally see some of the action.

"The delivery part is going to be after that, say like Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, all that mail that we're sending out is going to be coming back across the United States to us," said Gunnoe.

Monday is the deadline to ensure your gift or card will arrive before Christmas. If you mail something after Tuesday, to get it there on time you'll need to send it express mail. It will cost you a little more, but it's guaranteed to get in there on time or your money back.

The Post Office will continue regular mail delivery through and including December 24th. Some express mail will be delivered on the 25th.

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