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South Georgia woman robbed in parking lot

December 16, 2005

Albany-- As Christmas nears, robbers come out of the woodwork in Albany. One woman is a crime victim who could perhaps least afford to be one. Beverly Robine was walking home from an East Albany grocery store when she was accosted, robbed and left penniless.

Although Beverly Robine is disabled and over 60, you can always find her walking. "I've got hip problems from a couple of falls that I've had," says Robine, "the majority of the time when I'm on the move outside the home to pay bills or do shopping, I walk." After shopping at Warehouse Foods in East Albany she walked out and straight into something she didn't bargain for. "You don't get used to nothing like that," says Robine.

She was walking downhill and lost a grip of her shopping cart in the parking lot. Someone caught it for her. Her tote bag was on top. "He put his hands on both sides of the buggy and he just stood there. It was like he was in deep thought whether to do it or not I don't know," says Robine. The suspect did take the bag.

"I'm here to tell you, I've never seen legs fly so fast in all my life," says Robine.

The fast getaway left Robine without house keys, medicine, identification and without more than 800 dollars in cash and money orders. Half of that money was for rent which is already hard for her to pay with just social security coming in. "I was trying to live on what I had. That did not pertain to no food stamps, no nothing. I was trying to make it on my own with that check," says Robine.

Robine says the robbery couldn't have come at a worse time, when she already didn't have much. "I had a little bitty tree given to me from the church because I don't even have a tree," says Robine. Despite the ordeal, she still has some hope.

"God gave me something to hang on to. That does not make me perfect but I'm believing that there will be Christmas, yes," says Robine.

And she prays for help at this time of year and a quick capture of the suspect. She hope it comes just as quickly as he made away with what she had.

Investigators say there's still an ongoing investigation into the snatching...They're looking for a black male with an afro between the ages of 18 and 25, about 6 feet tall. He was wearing a dark shirt and blue jean shorts. If you saw anything or have information, call Albany Police.



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