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Fitzgerald signs with Kennesaw

December 15, 2005

 Albany - Four years ago, then 8th grader Abby Fitzgerald told her parents that she wanted to find a sport that she could play in high school.

Her parents suggested golf without knowing the game would one day pay for their daughter's college education.

Abby Fitzgerald, now a senior in high school, signed a college scholarship with Kennesaw State Thursday.

 Kennesaw State has expanded their athletic program to include women's golf with their move up to Division I in the NCAA.

Abby is excited about joining a fledging program that she believes has alot of potential.

Just like Fitzgerald who just three years after playing her first round of golf won three tournaments this summer including the Albany Amateur Open ladies championship last June.

One person who saw that potential was her coach Chris Dixon.

Abby Fitzgerald said "It was Chris. He told my dad that if she wants to she can get a scholarship somewhere. She has the potential too. He thought it was an awesome idea and I did too. I just didn't know how true it would be or if it would come true."

Chris Dixon said "Just starting her out. Getting her going. She works so hard. She was home schooled and she was able to come out here at 12 o'clock everyday and put in enough time. You know time will do it.."

Abby Fitzgerald is back at Lee County High this year and will play on the boys golf team this spring.




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