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Deadbeat parents pay up

December 15, 2005

Albany- Pay up or go directly to jail. The largest deadbeat parent round up in state history ends in Dougherty County. Prosecutors wanted parents who owe back child support to pay up before Christmas.

They sent out 668 contempt citations. Of those, 440 were served and Thursday more than 90 people arrived in court. More than 200 parents were expected in court Thursday, a little under half showed up. These are parents who've made no child support payments, at all, this year.

The court collected $14,776. It's money that will make it a Merry Christmas for many families and for those who didn't pay, it could mean Christmas behind bars.

"The money that we collect today should be with the families, I would imagine no later than Monday or Tuesday of next week," said Jeff Morrow, Assistant District Attorney.

"Eight people were put in jail for non payment, I understand two of the eight have already come up with the money to get out of jail. Jail is a very good incentive to make these deadbeat dads come up with the money they owe," said Ken Hodges, District Attorney.

Bench warrants will be issued for those who didn't go to court.



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