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Officers crack down on clubs

December 14, 2005

Albany - Of the 19 bars checked over the weekend, only three had a problem with underage drinkers.

At Royal Pool Hall on East Broad Avenue, six people in all were arrested. Two for underage possession and consumption of alcohol, two for possession of cocaine, one for giving false information to an officer, and one who was wanted for a previous crime.

There were five arrests made at Breaktime on Palmyra Road. Three for underage possession and consumption of alcohol and two for possession of marijuana.

The biggest offender? Club Extreme.  Nine people were arrested for underage possession and consumption and two people for contraband.

About the offenses, Hodges says, "They just need to be vigilant and look at someone. You know when someone looks the age."

So the officers went back to Breaktime and Club Extreme for night two. This time Breaktime, got a break.  There were no offenses and no arrests made. But once again, Club Extreme had multiple offenders. Four underage drinkers, four people with possession of marijuana and one person arrested for obstruction. Now District Attorney Ken Hodges wants to see them shut down.

He says, "I would hope that Club Extreme would not be in business much longer.  The City Commission needs to take the action to do it.  The City Commission will be presented with an opportunity to take action and hopefully they will take the appropriate action. In my opinion, they need to revoke the business license of Club Extreme."

And he says if other bars don't don't check ID's, and serve alcohol to those under 21, he'll go after their licenses as well. "We want the bars to be complying with the law" says Hodges.  "The message is clear, if you serve underage drinkers, we will make cases, we will continue to do this and we will seek license revocation when appropriate, and we will put you out of business if you continue to serve alcohol to minors."

The owner of Club Extreme, Kim Hadley, could not be reached for comment today.

    • Other bars checked:
The Loft, Sylvester Road    0 Arrests
Whiskey Barrell Saloon, Sylvester Road     0 Arrests
Benchwarmer, Sylvester Road    0 Arrests
Ozone Lounge, Cordele Road    0 Arrests
B&K Saloon, Broad Avenue    0 Arrests
Gameland Billards, N. Slappey    0 Arrests
The Crowbar, N. Westover Blvd.    0 Arrests
The Palace, MLK, Jr. Dr.    0 Arrests
Mary Polite's, W. Highland    1-Possession of Marijuana
Sportsman Billiard, Pine Ave.    0 Arrests
Boxers, Dawson Road    0 Arrests
End Zone, Palmyra Rd.  0 Arrests
Sports Zone, S. Slappey Blvd.   1 Arrest for Possession of Marijuana
The Legion, Willie Pitts   0 Arrests
Charlie B's, Dawson Road   1 Arrest for Obstruction of officer


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