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Family marks sad anniversary

December 14, 2005

Albany -- A year ago today, 57-year-old Ginny Crisler was hit and killed by a car in the parking lot of a Northwest Albany shopping center. The driver sped off.

Today on the anniversary of her death, Albany police say they've investigated dozens of leads but haven't found the hit and run killer. Ginny Crisler was out Christmas shopping a year ago tonight at the Hunter's Mill Plaza in Albany. But her life ended tragically when she was struck and killed by a car that barreled through the parking lot.

A year later, her family lives with the pain of knowing the killer is still behind the wheel and out in the community.

APD Sgt. Brian Smith said, "They don't have any closure. That's probably the biggest reason we would like to solve it."

Smith took over the investigation this summer, when a new information hotline brought in a few new leads in the unsolved case. "For every lead you get that's a good one, you're going to get five or six bad ones."

A good lead, a surveillance tape showing this late 90's model white Chevrolet Lumina.  It had a red paper tag that Sgt. Smith feels was put on the vehicle to hide something the driver had done or planned to do. "Not for the specific purpose of running down Ms. Crisler, but possibly because they had a suspended driver's license or tag, or they were out committing some type of criminal activity."

So police searched for the Chevy. They found several similar cars and questioned their owners, but they didn't find any concrete evidence that lead to an arrest.  "I feel certain that there is at least one, if not a number of people, out that do have the information we want to resolve this issue."

Sgt. Smith says until someone comes forward with information about the driver, it will be hard to solve the case. But he makes this promise to Crisler family.  "I can tell them that the Albany Police Department is vigorously following every lead that we get."

Crisler son's didn't want to be interview today, but told us last week that they hope anyone with any information about their mother's murder will come forward so the case can be solved and they can finally find some closure.

Albany Police set up a hotline for information in the case. You can call 229-878-3169.


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