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Trophies for the Trojans

December 13, 2005

Albany -- The Dougherty football team had a great season, finishing 13-2 and state runner-up in Class AAA.

The Trojans today were presented with a trophy and medals from the GHSA at a pep rally at the school.

The Dougherty football players say it was nice but not unusual to have to school come out and show their support.

Running back Xavier Cheevers says, "That happens every day at school. You walk up and down the hall, and they remind you of what a great season you had every day."

"That's a great feeling, having your peers let you know they're beside you, they're with you," says linebacker Quinton Nelson.

The seniors say it's tough losing their final high school game.

"It felt kinda sad knowing it was the end and we didn't get where we wanted to go," says defensive back Cameron Jones.

Defensive end Demetrius Kendricks adds, "After the game, we shed some tears, we were feeling bad, we had a lot of emotion. But after we realized what we had done and accomplished, it didn't hurt as bad as we thought it would."

Coach Carror Wright says the senior class had a tremendous impact

"These seniors are dynamite. All 32 of them. Some were starters, some were not, but we had role players, and they were just as important as the ones that were on the news on Friday night."

But the players have mixed feelings about receiving their runner-up trophy and medals.

While wearing the medal around his neck, Cheevers said, "This will probably be the only time you'll see me wearing this medal. I don't like coming in second place. But it's just a motivational tool, and that's how I'm going to use it."

Quarterback Ronnye Nelson adds, "I'll settle for it. They don't have a third place trophy, and I'll take second place over third place any day. But if finishing in first place meant giving up my teammates, I'd rather take second place, because those guys are my brothers."


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