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County may halt new subdivisions

December 13, 2005

Thomasville -- With so many new homes being built in Thomas County, some commissioners want a take a breather. They've got to make sure enough infrastructure is in place to accommodate all the development.

Dozens of subdivisions are going up in Thomas County, and developer Luretta Bliek is on the cutting-edge. "There's about a thousand lots that are currently on the market in Thomas County. There are about a thousand more that are about to come on the market."

That fast track has Thomas County commissioners considering a temporary 60-day moratorium on new subdivisions. They're worried about whether infrastructure can catch up with growth. "We are concerned about lack of sewers. We're concerned about lack of water," says Thomas Co. Commissioner Elaine Mays.

Services the City of Thomasville might have to be contracted to provide. Another factor is not damaging Thomas County's agricultural base.

Private property or not, the commission is responsible for creating property guidelines that keep neighbors acting neighborly. "We have to do things in the county commission that sort of keeps people working together," says Commissioner Mays.

Even if all of those people aren't pleased by a decision. A moratorium is money out of builders' pockets. "That's definitely going to hurt developers."

A disappointment that could start Wednesday, if the resolution passes.

Commissioners are also considering rules to increase the amount of property a home in a subdivision is built on.