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Lawmakers may revisit voter ID bill

December 12, 2005

Tifton- It's being called one of the most restrictive state voting laws in the nation. Now, supporters of Georgia's voter ID law say they may take another look at it.

The law requires voters to show a government-issued picture ID at the polls. Critics say it's an illegal poll tax because there is a fee for state IDs. An appeals court ruled the law is unconstitutional.

Now, republicans may revisit the bill and consider waiving the fee to obtain a photo ID and increasing the number of places voters can obtain one.

South Georgia voters we spoke to like the idea of showing a picture ID but agree getting one needs to be easier.

"I think I'd go for keeping it as it is because I think there will be some circumstances by which that could be circumvented in the case of absolute financial need," says Frances Harris.

I have several aunts here that are maybe 90 and 91 and they're having that problem," says Recy Pendarvis.

Only six other states have passed a photo ID requirement for voters at the polls.


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