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Civic Center gets life-saving defibrillators

December 12, 2005

Albany - People who attend events at the Albany Civic Center will be a little better protected in case of medical emergencies.  HCA Palmyra Medical Centers in Albany has donated three LifePak heart defibrillators to the city. 

Hospital C.E.O. Bud Wethington says, "This is the most up to date defibrillator that is produced today."

With thousands of people attending the Wildcats football games,  the hospital saw an urgent need for machines.

"We hope this equipment will not need to be used on them, but if it is, now it's here," said Wethington.

Mayor Willie Adams, who's also a physician, said a woman having heart problems at a Civic Center event he attended made the need apparent.

 "I was present as the only physician. We were able to bring her back. But I understand that she eventually expired once she reached the hospital. But that brought up the need," said Adams."

Four Albany Civic Center staff members have been trained to use the defibrillators.

 "I think this has been needed for a while. And with the training, I think we are all on board. We know what to do at this point right now," said Operations Manager Jerry McDonald.

The defibrillators will also be available at events at the Muncipal Auditorium and Riverfront Park.

The three defibrillators donated by Palmyra Medical Centers cost about five thousand dollars.


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