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Freezing temperature tips

December 11, 2005

Albany-- With the pending freezing temperatures, you should remember your four P's. Number one is your person.

Stay bundled up and keep thermostats at a comfortable level. But before you settle in, you may want to consider heading to the nearest hardware store.

"We've seen a pretty good increase of customers coming in for these types of items," says Alvin Douglas of Home Depot. These items fall under the second "P", your pipes. Lower temperatures put them in danger of freezing.

"Without these things, we run the risk of pipes bursting and calling the plumber out and we all know how costly that can be," says Douglas. It's best to get some type of insulation. "These can go around the pipes at the water heaters or underneath the cabinets around the pipes, the kitchen sink, bathroom, those places," says Douglas.

Use a sealer to fill cracks and crevices where cold air may be hitting pipes. Leave cabinet doors open below the sink so that warm air can circulate and you may even want to apply a little heat with a water pipe heat cable. "It goes up to about 40 degrees heat, keeping the pipes nice and warm preventing freezing there," says Douglas.

Next "P" on the list? Your outside plants. Freezing temperatures cause frost. "The safest is always take them inside. With that you have to make sure you change your watering schedule because they dry a lot quicker inside," says Home Depot Garden Specialist Joe Lamb.

You can also use a frost blanket. "A lot of tropicals, palms and things of that nature that they have out right now. Most of them need to be covered up or taken inside," says Lamb. Last but not least, your pets, a big priority on your list of P's. Bring them inside to keep them safe.

With these tips, braving the freezing temperatures may be a little easier and you'll be better prepared.

Another suggestion is to leave kitchen and bathroom faucets dripping overnight to prevent freezing.



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