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South Georgia retail sales pick up as Christmas nears

December 11, 2005

Albany- Cooler sales figures are heating up as Christmas shoppers have less than two weeks to buy. One Hundred and forty five million shoppers flooded stores and the Internet hunting for popular electronics, clothing, and books the weekend after Thanksgiving. Since then sales have cooled, but local retailers say this week sales have picked up and popular items are disappearing from shelves.

With just 14 shopping days until Christmas many shoppers are whittling down their lists.

"I've done some small odds and ends, but there's a lot more to go so I've got my husband out today and we're trying to get some things done to mark off the list," said Debbie Brown of Albany.

"I have no idea, I'm actually trying to find the perfect gift for my daddy, so I thought maybe if I came to Circuit City something would maybe jump out at me," said Christi Brown of Albany.

As shoppers work their lists. "I-Pods, digital cameras, the more expensive jackets that all the teenagers are now wearing and requesting," said Brown.

They may find they shouldn't have waited. "It's picking up a lot this week, Saturday we had $165,000 in sales, so that was a lot more than we projected Saturday and we're doing pretty good," said Orrin Hamer, Target Team Member.

If you're looking for some of the more popular electronic items like the I-Pod you could be out of luck. These items are already gone from many stores.

"The I-Pods are hard to find, we should have done that earlier, so we're still looking," said Brown.

"The I-Pods, we really don't have too many of them here right now, PlayStation games and Vugo and things like that are also going fast," said Hamer.

The more popular items are going fast, but stores like Target and Circuit City say more products are on their way.

"We're getting a truck in every day this week, and pretty much up until Christmas, so they can keep trying back and we should get some more merchandise in," said Hamer.

If they're not in the stores some of the more popular items can be found online.

"I have done some online shopping, I've ordered a couple of movies and stuff like that online," said Brown.

If your looking for an items that's already gone from shelves keep your eyes open chances are stores will get more before Christmas, but with demand high you'll have to act fast.

Stores say if they don't have an item you can check their Website, but time is running out to make sure you get the item before December 25th.

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