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Healthy chocolate bars made in Albany

December 9, 2005

Albany- It's sweet, healthy to eat, and believe it or not, it's chocolate. Masterfoods USA is producing a new line of products called Cocoavia. The revolutionary new line of heart-healthy snacks is fortified with calcium, and a mix of heart-healthy nutrients including folic acid, vitamins B-6, B-12, C andE.

     Most importantly it taste like chocolate and helps reduce heart disease. Jeff Harris, of research and development says, "The product taste really good, but it also reduces LDL or "bad" cholesterol levels and promotes healthy circulation to maintain healthy heart."

     The product launched a year ago on the Internet, can only be purchased on the web. However, that will change in the next month. Beginning in January, it will be available in the healthy food aisles of most grocery stores and chains.

     The Cocoavia bars are made at the Masterfoods USA plant right here in Albany. Since production, more jobs have been created in the area as sales on the Internet continue to climb.

    Product managers hope to continue with that trend, and offer a chocolate sweet alternative to calm the average person's sweet tooth.

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