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Katrina evacuees move into new housing

December 8, 2005

Albany- Hurricane Katrina evacuees living in Albany could have permanent housing as early as this weekend. Albany City Manager Alfred Lott signed off on six leases Thursday.

The city will sublease up to 30 properties picked by evacuee families and scattered throughout Albany. Ten families picked homes in Boyett Village. Crews from Greater Mt. Olive Church were putting the finishing touches on the homes Thursday.

"They basically went through a major remodel, the electrical systems were upgraded, the heat and air systems were upgraded, other type modifications, roof repairs plumbing changes," said Tracy Hester, Interim Director of Planning and Development.

"As you draw down from that, they replenish the money that you draw, so we're not in fact drawing any money away from our city coffers, this is a reimbursement program," said Jim Vaught, Deputy Director EMA.

The City of Albany received $153,000 dollars for the program. The homes will be completely furnished. Some homes will be ready by Saturday. The church hoped to have Boyett Village ready as early as the middle of next week.

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