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Lott lays down the law

December 8, 2005

Albany -- The City Manager also said the city's department heads must handle their business or get out.

Alfred Lott says his top priority is getting qualified department heads who don't have to rely on the city manager to handle day to day business. He wouldn't comment on whether he plans to fire Civic Center Director Maddie Goddard.

Lott said, "I expect department directors to bring me solutions with every problem they present, as opposed to bringing me problem's and looking at me to solve them. If I have to solve them, then I don't need you. I need a responsible person in the Civic Center, and all my departments. I am going to demand that, and I'm going to get that."

Lott gave Maddie Goddard across-the-board "Ineffectives" in her job performance evaluation.

Goddard's lawyer says Lott told the civic center director she must resign or retire or he'll fire her.

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