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Albany has a new police chief

December 8, 2005

Albany -- Thirty-six-year police veteran, James Younger, the deputy police chief in Arlington County, Virginia, has been named Albany's new police chief.

City manager Alfred Lott announced late this afternoon that Younger will take over APD the first week of February. Younger beat out finalist Marvin Evans - the a commander a the Newport News, Virginia Police Department.

It's been more than a year since Albany's had a permanent police chief. The chief's search was put on hold until a new city manager was hired. Today that new city manager, Alfred Lott, announced he's hiring James Lynwood Younger.

"I've got to get someone in there who is in command and stable, to start setting up the right programs we need," said Lott.

Lott says Younger brings new ideas for recruiting and retaining officers, a big problem facing APD. The department is short 35 officers right now, and officers are working overtime to cover the beats.

Younger has been in law enforcement since 1969, serving as the commander of the criminal investigations and as deputy police chief in Arlington County, Virginia.

"That will stabilize the organization. It will get me a thirty year professional in the position of police chief. Someone who is well educated in the basic and elaborate police functions," Lott said.

It will be up to Younger to choose an assistant chief once he arrives in February. As Albany's police chief, James Younger will make $78,000 a year.


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