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Flood recovery continues in Worth County

December 6, 2005

Worth County-- People in Worth County aren't strangers to weather damage. In July, heavy rains from Hurricane Dennis flooded dozens of homes. Some people have recovered but others have a long way to go.

Debra Brown puts some finishing touches on her holiday decorations. "Got my tree up and I'm buying my grandchildren a few gifts," says Brown. It's a holiday in her home that almost didn't happen. "Just a real emotional thing when you have a flood," says Brown.

Four feet of water filled her house in July causing $20,000 in damage. First United Methodist Church of Albany stepped in to help. Debra's tears now fill the home where water stood. "This is happiness of joy not sadness because there is people in the world that does love people," says Brown. Her home is just like new. Some other flood victims aren't so lucky.

In one neighborhood, notices still remain on open doors, windows show empty homes but on one home a wreath is proof that somebody plans to return home. Unfortunately, there's no telling when. "We've had some mixed results as far as recovery which means that most of the houses that were affected have simply done what they wanted to do with through their own devices," says City Manager Danny Lucas.

Lucas says many homeowners received GEMA assistance. The Small Business Administration and the US Department of Agriculture offered loans but many either didn't qualify or chose not to accept. Many got frustrated with the whole process. "Unfortunately it's not as quick as people would like for it to be," says Lucas.

Many will have to save money in order to rebuild so for now homes and swingsets remain empty. "Just keep on praying and believe that God will help you someway, somehow. God will make a way," says Brown.

Brown says a way was made for her and she has the home to prove it. "That's my present, getting the house fixed for Christmas and I don't take that for granted," says Brown. It's a wish that was granted just in time for the holidays.

Sylvester leaders met with the Army Corps of Engineers about a potential flood study of the area. It could determine problem areas and help prevent flooding.

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