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Fun at the Peppermint Pops

December 6, 2005

Albany--If you love Christmas carols, the Albany Civic Center was the place to be tonight. Several thousand south Georgians enjoyed the Albany Symphony Orchestra's annual Peppermint Pops performance.

It's an annual tradition many south Georgians look forward to each year. "I love Christmas caroling, and I just love singing Christmas carols," says William Butler.

For fourteen years now, the Peppermint Pops has united people from all walks of life under one roof.

"It means love, people enjoying the Christmas season together," says William Butler.

"It's great to see all the people come out here," says Daicha Williams.

Black, white, young and old all sing together in harmony as the symphony plays on in the background.

"It brings back the real spirit of Christmas. It gets you in the Christmas spirit," says Ann Carter.

"It's a really good singing thing for the community," says Daicha Williams.

For others, tonight's event is a time to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. "You have people out in the world trying to take Christ out of Christmas, and it shouldn't be like that," says Chad Pate.

Hundreds of people fill the seats of the civic center tonight, celebrating the spirit of the holidays as one and through music.

The performance is free to the public.


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