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Gurr makes a charge against Arthur K.

December 6, 2005

Albany- Voters in Ward three will soon know who will represent them on the Albany City Commission.

Political newcomer Morris Gurr is challenging 22-year incumbent Arthur Williams for Ward Three city commission. If Gurr wins, it will be the first time a white man has represented the ward.

The voter turn-out in run-off races is normally very low. Today's number are pretty dismal, except at Covenant Church. The precinct covers an area of Ward Three added after the latest redistricting.

As of two this afternoon, 256 people had voted at Covenant - nearly as many voters as the other five precincts combined.

That's could be good news for candidate Morris Gurr. "My base was support was precincts three and six," Gurr says. Gurr is challenging long time commissioner Arthur Williams for the Ward Three seat.

Most of Gurr's support in the November 8th election came from Covenant, and he hopes today's relatively high voter turn-out there is a sign he'll win tonight. "People I've talked to are very positive and are telling me 'I believe you've got it, believe you've got it.'"

If Gurr beats Williams, it will be the first time in history a white man has represented Ward Three.

But beating Williams won't be easy, Williams has a lot of support at the Carver Gym and Carver Teen precincts. Belma Jackson "I'm anxious to see Arthur Williams win. He was one of my students. I was a teacher of government, and I believe in teaching by example. That's one of the main reasons I'm here."

The difference between a win and a lose for Williams could be just a few votes. In the November election, Williams received 90 fewer votes than Gurr.

WALB News Ten will bring you run-off election results from Albany and across southwest Georgia throughout the night, and we'll have a wrap up of all the races tonight at 11.


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