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Cairo man's family lost in Katrina

December 06, 2005

Cairo, Georgia-- Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast just over three months ago. But for some people, the worst isn't over. A minister in Cairo has been searching for the majority of his family since the category four storm hit.

As minister Rogers Angelety, Junior goes about his day, he can't help being sidetracked by a heart wrenching distraction. "I'm really basically concerned with the whereabouts, are they ok," says Angelety.

Angelety has been looking for his family in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29th. "I can't begin to call names because there's too many, nieces, aunts, nephews, cousins. We can't find my brother at all. Some people did lose their lives in the storm. I know that," says Angelety.

But with a family made up of dozens of people, one Angelety proudly shows off in his living room, he feels most members must have survived. "Could they be in a shelter? Could they be in someone else's home," wonders Angelety.

Angelety has looked, from New Orleans to Georgia, online, and through government agencies, but sadly, no luck. "I just want to tell them I love them. I love them and I miss them very much," says Angelety.

Angelety was born and raised in New Orleans. He moved to South Georgia in the early eighties for his ministry.


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