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Possible impact fee for Lee County homeowners

December 5, 2005

Lee County--If you plan on buying a new home in Lee County, you may soon have to pay a little more straight into the county coffers.

Tonight, Lee County commissioners discussed how county impact fees could be used to help generate more money for the county. Commissioners say the fees would help ease the growing strains on county services like road maintenance and funding the fire department.

The fee would be imposed as a one time charge on a new house. New homeowners could expect to pay anywhere from $500 dollars to $2,000 per new home.

"The point of the fee is so someone moving into a new house pays a certain amount to help offset the impact of the overall infrastructure whether it's a water system or a road," says county administrator, Lanford Holbrook.

Lee County commissioners could approve this new impact fee for homeowners as early as April.

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