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Neighborhood watch programs starting around Albany

December 5, 2005 Albany -- People in Albany are responding to increased worries about violent crime. Police report an unprecedented interest in starting neighborhood watch programs in all areas of Albany.

George Fassler says he and a neighbor started talking to others about a neighborhood watch, because they are worried about crime in their Robinhood Road area. Fassler said "He had something missing from his residence. I haven't yet, but it's probably due time."

Fassler, a long time Albany Police officer and Investigator, says neighborhood watches work. Five groups have already contacted Albany Police about setting up Neighborhood Watch programs.

Interest in Neighborhood Watches had cooled in the last year, but now people are hot to protect their homes from crime. And law enforcement is delighted. Lt. Tracey Barnes of the Albany Police said "We definitely need more eyes and ears out there, that also helps in solving some of these crimes."

Three groups around the Lake Park, Lake Loretta area have started mobilizing Neighborhood watches.

On Baker Avenue another group has started organizing their neighbors to band together against crime.

And in East Albany, around the Rood Street and Frotscher Street area, another group of people who want to keep crime away from their homes. Lt. Barnes said "It makes for a caring community. And also taking back your neighborhood."

Police say Neighborhood Watch programs work best in a two or three block area, where most of the residents know each other, and can work together to let criminals know they are not wanted.

People who live in the 21-hundred block of Lullwater and Lake Ridge area will hold a Neighborhood Watch organization meeting Thursday night at the District One Police headquarters on Dawson Road at six O-clock.


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