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Senator wants tighter border security

December 5, 2005

Valdosta - Whether its getting assistance to pay for college or receive medical treatment, Georgia legislators want state funded benefits blocked for illegal immigrants. "If someone's here illegally, milking our system, that needs to stop," said Senator Tim Golden.

Senator Tim Golden of Valdosta agrees the issue is costing the state millions of dollars and needs to be stopped. But he says a Republican bid to keep illegal immigrants from attending Georgia colleges and universities isn't the answer. "It opens up Pandora's box for politicians meddling in the Regent's business," said Golden.

He thinks its an issue of national security.  "Securing the borders would eliminate 80 percent of this problem," said Golden.

He's introduced his own bills to help solve the problem. "The first one deals with the Board of Regents and says they shall make all decisions relating to standards of admissions and the second one calls on the US Congress to have the courage to act on immigration reform, Georgia can not secure the Mexican border," said Golden.

Golden says the admission policies set by the Board of Regents are strict enough.  "You have a lot of hoops and loops to jump through and forms to fill out and they do their job," said Golden.

And as far as medical benefits are concerned, that's just another example of why its a national issue. "When they go to the emergency room, federal law supersedes state law and they have to be seen," said Golden.

So he's calling on the U.S. Congress and the President to fix the problem, and keep illegal immigrants from draining our economy.



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