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Seatbelt crack down launched

December 02, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- The Thomasville Police Department is cracking down on people who don't wear their seatbelt.

19 people died in Georgia in traffic crashes over the Thanksgiving holidays. That's why the TPD is taking part in a nationwide campaign to enforce seatbelt laws. "It's for the Click it or Ticket campaign the State of Georgia is having right now, actually it's across the United States," says officer, Terry Whigham.

"We're moving to moving around at different areas and we're checking to see if people are wearing their seatbelts. If they're not wearing their seatbelt or there's another traffic violation associated with that lack of seatbelt usage, then they'll be ticketed. Over the Thanksgiving holidays our fatalities and crashes on the highways in Georgia exceeded expectations by 46 percent. This is directly associated with seatbelt usage," says Sergeant, Rachelle Denmark.

"It's just such a devastating feeling because it's a waste. You've got the equipment, you've got the things available to save your life, why not use them," says Denmark. If you don't, "There'll be a ticket involved, money involved, or your life," says Elaine Jones, who was stopped for not wearing her seat belt on Friday.

"Thanksgiving 2002, I had a fatality on the 319 bypass here in Thomasville involving four fatalities in one vehicle. There were three adults killed and a young girl. It doesn't hit you 'till later that night or then next day when you actually sit down. You go back through your mind and you see the images of what happened," says Whigham.

On Saturday, the Thomasville Police Department is taking the crackdown a step further. They'll block off several roads in town and stop every car to check for seatbelts and DUIs too.


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