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Braving the cold for a good cause

December 2, 2005

Valdosta - Scott James and Shari Crim will spend the next 36 hours begging and pleading for money.  "It's cold, nasty, and your nose runs, but we come back and do it every year," said Scott James.

They're battling the blistering wind and cold temperatures to raise money for the Greater Valdosta United Way. It's the 9th year they've climbed up on the roof top for the annual Charity Roof Sit. "They support 25 agencies that have touched absolutely everybody in the community, and they're so important to everyone else, that makes it important to you," said James.

It's the last fundraising event in this year's campaign, and usually one of the biggest. In years past, the roof sit brought in about $7,000. "We're holding strong at 70 percent, so we really need to put a plea out for people to come forward now, we're trying to wrap things up," said Karen Costlow-Nolan, United Way Director.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the low 30's tonight, so you can imagine what it will be like to sleep on the roof with just a cot, sleeping bag, and a few blankets. "We've got an awning, we're hoping it will block some of the wind but if not, we'll break out the long johns too," said Crim.

And even though they'll be tired and weathered when they come down tomorrow night, pushing the United Way one step closer to its campaign goal will be worth every minute.



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