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Coaches dream of championships too

December 1, 2005

Albany - Playing for a state football championship is a dream for not only players but also coaches.

On Saturday night two Dougherty High assistants will get their chance to take part in a state title game for the first time.

Former Lee County head coach Tim Goodin thought his last game as a coach was two years ago as an assistant at Westover.

That is until Carror Wright was hired at Dougherty.

Tim Goodin said "I was actually going to get out of coaching. I had done that and then he called when he got the job and talked me into coming over."

 Though never on the same staff at Dougherty, these former Trojan assistants have made a pretty good team.

Head coach Carror Wright calls the plays from a game plan designed mostly by Goodin.

Carror Wright said "He is one of the best in the business right now and I feel real fortunate to have him on the staff and to be working with him. I have learned so much from him."

Tim Goodin has been coaching high school football for three decades. Saturday night will be the first time he has ever had the chance to participate in game that will decide a state championship.

Goodin said "In my 30 years there were probably only three of four times tahtI had a chance to get here and those chances do not come along very often."

Dougherty's state title in 1998 came one year after assistant coach Kawaskee Teemer's senior season with the Trojans.

The closest he came to a state title as a player was his junior year when Dougherty lost to Lakeside in the state semifinals.

Teemer said "You are proud that they won it because you just played with a majority of those guys where you just graduated from. But at the same time in the back of your mind just feel like what could I have done a little bit more. What could I have achieved to help us get even closer."

Now an elusive state title for both these coaches is as close as one more victory.





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