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Gas tax returns

December 1, 2005

Thomasville -- Georgia's gas tax is jumping two cents from 7.6 cents a gallon to 9.6. But don't stress just yet, filling up doesn't necessarily mean you'll be dishing out more.

Tanker trucks carry 9,600 gallons of gas, and with today's two-cent tax increase, Georgia makes about $900 off of that. But, a 9.6 cent tax isn't that bad, especially when you talk to people like Frank Douglas from Florida. "Gas is at least 15-cents a gallon cheaper up here. Whenever I'm in town I'll be sure to fill up."

It gets better. The supervisor of Jackrabbit in Thomasville says Georgia will recalculate the tax so soon, stations won't make you pay meantime. "It's actually nothing to be concerned about because it's from December the first to December the 31st."

A recalculation mandated by state law because gas prices jumped so high during hurricane season. "If we do have to raise the gas the gas prices it won't be because of the prepaid tax."

Gas prices are cheaper than they have been recently, but at a $1.99, to $2.09, to $2.19, knowing that the state gas tax itself won't empty their wallets, is good news to people filling up at the pump.

"I'm going to fill it up every time I need to go somewhere," said Demetrius Johnson.

"I think it shouldn't go up because of a natural disaster," says Stacey Johnson.

"It's about time after we had the gouging that took place," says Malone Dodson.

"It seems cheap now from what it was a few months ago," Douglas said.

Starting at under two dollars a gallon it is. People in the Rose City had paid almost four-dollars a gallon when Hurricane Katrina hit.

The state gas tax is adjusted every few months according to the per-gallon average. Officials with the state revenue department say they expect it to go back down when its recalculated next.


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