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DHS's Foggy is more than a reliable kicker

November 30, 2005

Albany - The sport of soccer has been a boom for high school football teams when it comes to finding field goal kickers.

Dougherty High has a reliable kicker though he prefers the old school way.

Dougherty coaches were looking for volunteers who could kick when Heywood Foggy was a freshman.

To his surprise, Foggy's teammates volunteered him.

Heywood Foggy said"We were on the band field and they had me kicking between two pine trees that kinds as close as the goal posts in arena football."

Foggy won the position his sophomore year but by then he had switched from a soccer style to the old fashioned straight on approach.

Foggy said "A friend of mine his daddy came to talk to me and he said you got a pretty powerful leg so try that."

And the old school approach works for Foggy who booted a career best 34 yard field goal in Saturday's semifinal game against Shaw.

Heywood Foggy believes kicking is not his only football talent and lobbied head coach C. Wright for a chance to play defense when Wright took the Dougherty job two years ago.

Foggy said "Okay coach I can play a little defense and he was like okay. He checked me out on defense and I did pretty good but my kicking ability shined over all of that."

But there is another valuable asset that Heywood Foggy brings to this Dougherty High team.

Foggy said "Alot of players they come to me and sometimes they are feeling down and practice isn't going too well and nine times out of ten I will make them laugh or whatever."

With two great teams like Peach County and Dougherty, there is a good chance that Saturday's state championship game could come down to the foot of Heywood Foggy.

 It is a moment the senior has been dreaming about.

Foggy said "I had a whole heap of dreams about it. And it when it came down to me I just did what I had to do."

And the Trojans are glad Foggy has not only made his kicks but also given his teammates a few kicks during a very long season.

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