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Small business also affected by Merck announcement

November 30, 2005

Albany- Georgia's economic development commissioner toured Albany's Merck plant today to help come up with a marketing plan to sell it. When Merck pulls out next year, the impact will trickle down to many small businesses.

Independent truck driver John Bolin has a contract with Merck. Four years ago, the company asked Bolin to buy this refrigerated trailer to haul shipments from Albany to locations throughout the East.

"Sixty percent of my total bring home income from last year and the previous three years, I've been operating this for four years, has come from the Merck plant here in Albany, Georgia," said John Bolin, Owner\Operator.

Bolin says he built strong relationships with Merck employees and he'll be sad to see that end. The investment was worth it, but Merck's closure will hurt.



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