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Adoption month ends

November 30, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- There are more than one-and-a-half million adopted children in the United States, but there are thousands more waiting to be taken in. That's the message of urgency that will continue even after National Adoption Month ends.

"We adopted our daughter Eden from China. She's 17 months old," says Tim Louderback. "Adoption is just something God put in our hearts," adds Tim's wife, Tina.

The Louderbacks want to pass that feeling on for National Adoption Month. Theirs was a sixth month process ushered by the Open Door agency in Thomasville. "We knew that all the T's and all the I's were dotted," says Tim Louderback.

The walls of the agency are covered with pictures of children who have been adopted over its 19 year history. "It's any time of year. Whenever a family is ready to start the adoption process, we can help them get started," says Open Door CEO, Walter Gilbert.

Open Door places children with families across the country. You have to be over 25, and adopting starts with a home visit. "Which is a social worker coming into your home on three or four occasions just getting to know you and your relationship and your home," says Glibert.

Children are only placed in homes considered safe and nurturing. After all, broken homes would ruin Open Door's goal of completing homes. "It's a matter of life and death for these kids. It's just that serious," says Gilbert.

"We feel very blessed to have her in our family," says Tina Louderback. "Now that we have her in our home, it just completes our home," adds Tim. Just like the 1,300 other children placed by Open Door.

Adopting can cost between ten and $30,000. Most of that money is used for travel expenses, and helping the birth mother.


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