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Words to win by

November 30, 2005

 Valdosta - The defending state champion Lowndes football team knows their alphabet.

But of the 26 letters in the alphabet, the Vikings believe one letter, repeated three times, will be the key to victory Saturday night over Brookwood in the state AAAAA championship game.

Lowndes fance may have noticed the signs "HHH" around the Lowndes football program.

Head coach Randy McPherson: "Head. Heart. Hammer."

Offensive lineman Andrew Dunn said "That's our offensive line motto. Head, Heart, Hammer. That's the way we try to play. Use your head. Lay everything down. A hammer, like you try and kill a mosquito with a sledgehammer. And you got to have a lot of heart. That's the main thing."

 Head, heart, hammer. The phrase is very important to the Vikings offensive line, even if the origins are a little murky.

McPherson said "One of those offensive line coaches came up with it. It may have been coach Brown, coach Langford, or it may have been coach Armstrong. They put that together and they've been saying that ever since I got here."

Dunn said "I think it was a couple of years ago. Our offensive coordinator was our offensive line coach, and he started that when he was out here. Just something he came up with."

Vikings quarterback Doug Belk appreciates the strength of his line.

Belk said "That's where it all starts, up front with the offensive line."

And the senior says the simple yet powerful phrase could be applied to the entire team.

Belk said "That's mostly the offensive line's thing, but it all goes together to teamwork in the end."

The Lowndes football team will put the three H's to the test Saturday night against the Broncos.

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