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State leaders put weight behind selling Merck

November 30, 2005

Albany - Just two days after the announcement that Merck's Albany plant will close, the state economic development commissioner met with company leaders to find out how he can help market the facility around the world.

Commissioner Craig Lesser says he doesn't want the 350 Merck employees to be out of work a single day. He says state political and economic leaders are committing resources into helping Merck find a buyer for the plant.

He says the state economic development commission has divisions in ten countries, and they'll market the 1,000 acre complex to many potential tenants.

"That's a very unique site for what they done, what they've produced, and what the manufacture there. But the fact is, the employees are that site are highly trained, committed, dedicated and professional employees. That's really what will be attractive to a potential investor."

Officials with the state EDC and the Chamber of Commerce say it could take a year or more to find another industry to move into the plant.


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