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First responders train for terrorist attacks

November 30, 2005

Albany -- Albany Firefighters are training on new equipment to identify hazardous substances. The new computerized processor can help identify chemical, nuclear, or biological hazards.

15 firefighters are taking a five day training course to use the HazCat identification equipment. In case of emergency, these first responders will use the computers to take samples and test chemical or biological agents.

The computer will help identify the substance in minutes, while sending the information at the same time to supervisors.

This is one of the new products developed to deal with possible terror attacks. Training instructor Daniel Law said "Tremendous change. You see all the new monitoring equipment, the identification systems. Changes in protective clothing for responders. Most of it has come about because of the terrorist threat to this country."

Homeland Defense paid 45 thousand dollars for the HazCat Kit.

 It will be used with the Albany Fire Department Regional Response unit, which serves the 23 county Southwest Georgia region.


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