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Mom calls 911 after being shot by son

November 29, 2005

Lee County-- Just before 7:15 Monday morning at a Somerset Drive home, 48-year old Judy Randle was shot in the face by her 16-year old son Joey. Ms. Randle made a frantic 911 call as she hid from her son.

The dispatcher asked, "I know you're scared, and I know you're hurting. Are you bleeding really bad? Did it go through like your jaw?" Randle answered, "No. It's in my teeth, and it's in my tongue."

"The bullet's still in your tongue," the operator aksed. "I don't know if it's a bullet or what. Yeah." "Did it bust your teeth out," the dispatcher asked. "Yes. That's why I'm having trouble talking," Randle said.

The dispatcher tried to keep Randle calm and find out what was happening in the house as paramedics and deputies rushed to the scene. "Everybody is on the way. Ambulance, police, everybody. Where is he at in the house with the gun? Where is he at in the house with the gun," she said. "I locked myself in the master bedroom. He was in the hallway in my bedroom," Randle said.

The first officer arrived in less than four minutes, but had to wait for back-up as Ms. Randle pleaded for someone to help her son. "I need somebody to come in and check on my son in case he killed, he shot himself," she said. "You think he's hurt himself," the dispatcher responded. "I heard one more shot after he shot me," Randle said.

Once other deputies arrived, they carefully checked the house not knowing whether a young gunman was still inside. The dispatcher calmly explained what was happening as Ms. Randle nervously waited in a locked bathroom. "Officers are in the house. They're moving very quietly and very slowly. They're checking from room to room okay. They have to do that for their own safety."

About twelve minutes into the converstion, officers found Joey Randle with a gunshot wound to the head, and they brought his mother to safety. On the 911 tape, Randle is heard asking, "Has he shot himself? Talk to me. Is he dead?" A deputy responded, "I believe he has shot himself." Randle asked again, "Is he dead?" The officer said, "I don't know."

Joey Randle was dead.  Judy Randle remains hospitalized in good condition. 


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