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Home builder works overtime for hurricane housing

November 29, 2005

Pearson-- Hurricanes Katrina and Rita left thousands of people along the Gulf Coast homeless, but a South Georgia business helping them. Workers at Patriot Industries in Pearson are working around the clock to build new homes for storm victims.

Workers at Patriot Industries are putting in lots of long hard hours. "When we have a contract like this, we all have to put in a little more overtime or whatever it takes to get a house ready to ship," said Mark Brigmond, Plant Manager.

They're building manufactured homes to send to hurricane victims in Louisiana. It's part of a contract with Samaritan's Purse, an International Christian relief agency.

"They just told me to build, so we're building until they tell us to stop," said Brigmond. In just three days, they take a basic wood platform and transform it into this. "It's a 12 x 34 park model with vinyl siding, shingled roofs," said Brigmond.

A two bedroom, one bath home with about 400 square feet. It may be small, but for people who lost their homes in the hurricanes, its a luxury suite. "They really don't have anywhere else to stay and once they see them, it just tickles them to death," said Brigmond.

Not only are people in Louisiana getting a new home, it also comes fully furnished with brand new appliances and new furniture. "A 14 foot refrigerator, electric stove, a futon, two beds," said Brigmond. So far, they've sent out about 70 homes, and more are leaving every day. "There's probably going to be another 50 or so, maybe more," said Brigmond.

And as each home leaves, these workers get a new sense of pride. "I'm doing my part to help out in Louisiana," said Brigmond.

That makes them work even harder to help more storm victims. The homes are shipped to churches in Louisiana. Workers with Samaritan's Purse then distribute them to church members and other people in the community.

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