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Crime increases in Albany

November 28, 2005

Albany -- Albany's murder rate nearly doubled from last year. Now County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard says he's sick of thugs running the city, and he wants the citizens to take back control.

Home invasions, armed robberies, shootings and even murder, life in the Good life city, isn't so good. "I don't care if you're in the South, East or West in Dougherty County, homes and business are being broken into. My business has been broken into. I've been violated and it's terrible," Sinyard says.

Chairman Sinyard says the violent crime must come to an end. "I guarantee you if we start protecting the citizens, you'll find that the thugs start going somewhere else to do their crimes. They'll realize that they can't walk in with a gun, and that you're just going to leave and go away and that they can get what they want and get away with it."

He says laws need to be on the books that will allow people to defend themselves or their loved ones, without being sued or prosecuted. "I'm talking about some meaningful sustained law that would allow citizens to have protection against prosecution for those engaged in a violent crime with a gun."

Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards says there are laws that allow citizens to take action. "There are two aspects of self defense. There's crime prevention defense, and just traditional defense."

Crime prevention defense allows a person to use what reasonable force is necessary to prevent a forcible felony. "For instance if a person is being car jacked, that would be a forcible felony and a person would be able to use reasonable force to prevent a felony."

Traditional self defense, anyone is able to defend themselves or another person against great bodily injury. "The bottom line is that you can prevent a forcible felony being perpetrated against you or your family member, or to protect your home or family."

But the law isn't cut and dry. Edwards says you should proactive in keeping your family safe, and only react when you absolutely must.

So far this year, there have been nine murders in Albany. Last year, there were five.


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