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Hundreds ride for freedom

November 26, 2005

Albany-- Hundreds of bikers and riders from all over Georgia gave thanks to our troops in a special way. It's called the Freedom Ride. The ride serves to show support of veterans past, present, and future. Bikers from all over including Macon, Columbus and Tallahassee joined in a very long procession to honor the 48th Brigade Combat team along with all the servicemen and women in all branches of the armed forces. 

Hundreds of riders set out around Albany on a mission. It's a mission of freedom. "Freedom Ride because this is supporting all the troops that have served, are serving, and will serve, especially emphasis on the 48th Brigade," says coordinator Paul Murray. The ride for freedom spans miles and miles around the city including the Marine Corps Logistics Base. It gives riders a reminder of what and who they're riding for.

"The country needs this uplifting. The troops need this uplifting. The families need this uplifting so thank God for this country and everybody that's here," says Brigadier General Retired Jerry Corbin. The ride also serves to commemorate those troops who are no longer here. At Veteran's Park, flags honor those who lost their lives and serve as a reminder to support those who are still fighting.

"They're telling us to stick with them, stand up for them and they will complete their mission and come home," says Corbin. "We need to support the troops. We need to support what's going on in Iraq. There's so many good things that are happening but you never hear about it that much," says David Wentworth.

David and Teresa Wentworth have a son in the 48th Brigade and joined the hundreds of other riders for support here at home. "We think about him constantly. Pray that he gets home safely along with the other soldiers," says Teresa. The freedom ride gave them a chance to reflect on just what freedom means. "You can be a fighter pilot, a doctor, whatever as long as you have it inside here to go grab it, to go do it and what's inside of you is able to come out," says David.

Organizers hope that over the loud mufflers and blowing wind, everyone leaves with an important message. "Just keep the faith and support the troops," says Murray. The faith and support is built up on freedom they hope will last long after the last ride.

The Freedom Ride was inspired by a God Bless Ft. Benning ceremony in Columbus last year. After seeing that, organizers wanted to bring something here to Albany for support of the troops. The event will bring hundreds of phone cards to them and their families. The United We Stand Coalition is a group of organizations, groups, and motorcycle clubs that join together to simply support the troops.



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