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Safety before savings

November 25, 2005

Albany-- As you look for savings during the holiday season, law enforcers remind you to do it safely.

The Albany Police Department has officers working overtime during the holiday season to keep you safe but they say you should also be a smart shopper. Instead of shopping alone, go in pairs. Let friends and family know when you go shopping and what time you should return home. When you get home, beep your horn to alert family members that you've arrived. Shoppers should also be careful with packages.

"We want to encourage people that as they're shopping and to make sure they have a safe holiday to put their gifts and their purse in the trunk and make sure the trunk is locked down and concealed," says Lt. James Williams.

APD also says to be on the lookout for suspicious people. If you're afraid, don't hesitate to call them. They're also available to walk you inside your home if you need them to.