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The mad holiday shopping dash

November 25, 2005

Albany-- It's called Black Friday, the day the holiday shopping frenzy really gets going. Many South Georgians woke up early to get a head start on the holiday rush.

After Thanksgiving, shopping begins well before daylight. "Oh definitely, hit them sales," says shopper Jenn Davis. But before shoppers can hit those sales, they have to search rows and rows of cars for a somewhat close parking space. No matter how far the space, there's no turning around for shoppers.

"Not if you're going to get the sale. I mean, it's either that or come back and you're going to pay double the price," says Davis. With a musical greeting at the door to get them in the mood, the first thought is where to start. "We made a list. We go and get the paper on Thanksgiving and we make a list of all the stores we can find the better bargains," says shopper Mable Pines.

Early in the day, some shoppers already found big bargains. "Yeah, got a bag full. This is my second load. I'm going to put this in the car now," says shopper Taneisha Zellous. Then it's back in to start again. Stores advertise tons of sales, 50 percent off here, 80 percent off there for whatever you can think of. "Clothes and jean sets and socks and stuff like that," says Pines.

Electronics are also a holiday favorite and you can't forget the famous toys for the kids. "Bratz is always popular and anything electronic whether it's Leap Pads, V-Tech toys," says shopper Candy Welch. But as we all know, those holiday purchases add up.

"Probably about $300. I ended up spending a little bit more than that," says Zellous.   Before you head out,  it's important to set a limit.  In the middle of the holiday shuffle, you can't forget to treat yourself. "No I haven't, well I did buy one outfit for myself," says Pines. For that one perfect gift, it may take a few long lines. In the end shoppers say it's worth it for that early start to the holiday rush. "Yeah, definitely. Definitely," says Davis.

For the holidays, the mall will be open until 10 p.m beginning December 12th. Right now, they're open until 9.




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