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Finding the perfect Christmas tree

November 25, 2005

Lowndes County - The road to the perfect Christmas tree is long and winding, but after looking through rows and rows of tall green firs, the Yeager family spots a winner. "Normally my daughters and wife get to do the picking and I get to do the cutting," said J.D. Yeager.

It's a yearly tradition for this family, and many others in Lowndes County. "We've got people coming out here third and fourth generations of some of our first customers," said Johnnie Hambrick.

After Thanksgiving, they head out to Hambrick's Christmas Tree Farm to kick off the Christmas season. "We can bring everybody just to come out and let everybody look at the trees and pick one," said Yeager.

And there's an endless maze to pick from. "We've got about 60 to 70 acres in trees," said Hambrick.

You can cut your own like the Yeagers, or just point them in the direction of the one you want, and its all done for you. "We'll give them any amount of help they need," said Hambrick.

With tens of thousands of trees out here to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Mr. Hambrick says its all a matter of personal preference. "We have different types of trees and it just depends on what the person likes, what kind of ornaments they use, the texture and feel of the tree they like," said Hambrick.

For the Yeager family, there's two important things the perfect three must have. "I want fullness and the fresh smell," said Pam Yeager.

And now that they've found just what they're looking for, its off to their home to bring out the ornaments and ring in the Christmas season.



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