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Home for the holiday

November 24, 2005

Americus- The 48th Brigade left Ft. Stewart in May on an 18 month tour in Iraq. Many soldiers have had an opportunity to see their families, but just a lucky few had the chance to be home for the holiday. An Americus family, lucky to have their solider home, is counting their blessings.

Honnette Cobb is not wasting much time in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, she'd rather spend it on the couch with her husband, Michael, on leave from Iraq.

"It wouldn't have been the same it would have been different because it would have been like the first holiday he's missed with the family," said Honnette Cobb, wife.

Michael's four children agree and are thankful to have him home.

"It would be harder and different because I kind of love my dad really, really, much and I like to see him cooking, it's fun to cook with him," said his daughter Aja Cobb.

"I'm thankful for him being here and being alive," said Shannette Cobb, Michael's 12 year old daughter.

"I'm really thankful that he got to see his children this year, you know before the old year go out and the new year come in, but we're really thankful that he's here," said Honnette.

It's the most time Michael's spent with his son who was born days before he deployed.

"My son, newborn, I haven't seen him but three or four days at birth, and then I had to leave," said Michael Cobb.

Grateful for the 15 days including Thanksgiving, Michael's not wasting a single moment.

"When your sitting around and your mind's drifting you kind of wish that you could spend at least some of the birthdays, let alone special occasions, those are the things I really miss the most," said Cobb.

So, the Cobb family is making as many memories as they can.

"I'm going to try and cherish this as much as I can before I leave," said Cobb.

For the past week they have had a few less worries and a lot to be thankful for.

"I will always worry about him until he comes home," said Honnette.

Michael Cobb and his family will say good byes this Saturday when his leave is up. The 48th Brigade is expecting to serve another six months in Iraq before the unit comes home.

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