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Be careful cooking holiday meals

November 23, 2005

Albany -- Thanksgiving is a holiday where more people cook, but unfortunately that also makes it one of the busiest seasons for kitchen fires. Firefighters say most kitchen fires start when cooks forget food on the stove, and it dries out.

A temperature gauge shows that water boiling in a pot is about 210º. But when the water boils off, the temperature soars up quickly.

The pot will melt at six hundred degrees, and could spark a fire. "With anything that goes on in the kitchen and stove fires, nine times out of ten you will find because it's unattended," said Capt. Wayne Lay of the Albany Fire Department.

Firefighters say if you must leave the kitchen during Thanksgiving cooking, carry a large spoon in your hand, to remind you about the food on the stove or in the oven.


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