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Albany airport normal on busiest travel day

November 23, 2005

Albany -- This is the biggest travel day of the year, and Airlines predict nearly 22 million people will fly on U.S. airlines over the Thanksgiving Holiday. But the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport in Albany is not seeing the holiday rush that most airports are.

 Kristen Schuette arrives back home from college, flying early on the busiest air travel day of the year. Kristen Schuette said "It was nice. It wasn't bad at all. Like the plane I just got off had like ten people on it."

Peak traffic is expected Wednesday night. Kristen flew at 5 AM to miss the long lines and hassle, and succeeded. Kristen said "Oh, well the Atlanta airport was crowded, but it's always crowded."

But no long lines for the morning flights at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport in Albany. Greg and Debbie Freed are two of the only 35 passengers flying out of Albany, heading to Virginia for Thanksgiving. Debbie Freed said "I think it will be a hassle, but I think it's very well worth it."

Greg Freed knows it will be a tough day of standing in security lines and crowds before he leaves the airport in Washington D.C., but decided yesterday it was better than driving. Greg Freed said "I got cold feet about driving on the Interstates and the congestion that's probably going to take place. So amazingly enough there were seats left, so away we go."

Airlines say this is their busiest travel day, but Albany's airport is normal, with few passengers on the jets coming in and out. Airport workers say Monday was their busy day of this Thanksgiving week.

Cost is a bigger factor in flying this year. CheapSeats-dot-com reports that plane tickets are running about 40 dollars higher since February.

Albany's airport generally has some of the highest ticket prices in the state.



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