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Neighbors vow to stop crime

November 23, 2005

Albany -  Hank Henry has lived in Lakewood Subdivision for more than two decades, and has seen a lot of changes. "From good to bad," he says. "It was a nice neighborhood when we moved out here."

Now, Henry says breakins occur on a regular basis. Since November 1st, there have been nine burglaries, and some homes were wrecked.  He says, "They took some valuable stuff, plus they had a can of spray paint. They sprayed her sofa, her big screen TV, all her electronic equipment, and just trashed the place."

But Henry wants to take back his neighborhood. He says neighbors can do small things to make big changes. "They can make their house fairly secure by just buying outside lights, trimming their hedges, putting dead bolts on, making sure the windows are locked, and their vehicles."

And Henry says protect yourself, and your family, but that doesn't mean buy a gun, unless you're prepared to use it.  He says, "Different places will teach you how to shoot that weapon, safely. Because you don't need one if you can't use it."

But the most important thing to use is common sense.  If you see something suspicious, call police immediately.

The Lakewood Neighborhood watch is holding an emergency meeting December 6th at Albany Police District four on East Oglethorpe Boulevard.


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