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South Georgia ministry offers hope

November 22, 2005

Albany-- As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays get closer, many people remain homeless or in need. A South Georgia woman made it her mission to give "Hope to the Hopeless".

Just three years ago, Ann Davis didn't have any use of her body. "The doctor said I would never walk again," says Davis, "I couldn't walk, couldn't talk." She couldn't even use her hands because of a stroke. "I started helping the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and my strength started coming back," says Davis.

She now uses her hands and her heart to continue providing help for others in need, something she's been doing for more than 30 years. She calls it "Hope for the Hopeless". "Operating by faith and donations," says Davis. On plenty of faith and little funds, Davis provides food, furniture, and clothing to those in need even if it means coming out of her own pocket. "Had been times I was able to fund them to get medication and pay their light bills and help on rent but right now we don't have any funds," says Davis.

So with what she has, she does what she can. In the mornings, she travels to the intersection of Roosevelt and Washington. She says a group of homeless gather there each morning. She provides them with a meal and hope. "Tomorrow if the Lord's willing, I'll be going down and feeding them in the morning," says Davis.

Davis says she couldn't run the mission without dedicated volunteers like Bianca Stacey. Although she's legally blind, she's dedicated her life to providing vision for others. "We've seen lives change even with people that come in and volunteer," says Stacey. With teamwork, the mission tries everyday to live up to it's name.

"The word says I was hungry and you fed me. We do that. I was naked and you clothed me. We do that," says Davis.

They served over 300 people last month and will serve even more leading up to the holidays. With eyes, hearts, and hands, they're helping to provide Hope for the Hopeless. "We show a whole lot of love and compassion," says Davis.

Hope for the Hopeless especially needs donations during the holidays. They accept everything from household furnishings to clothing. To volunteer, donate, or if you need help call 229-432-1047. Hope For the Hopeless is also collecting toys for it's Annual Gift-Giving Project. They're located at 1806 East Broad Avenue.



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