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New ammo helps deputies train safely

November 22, 2005

Albany -- Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies practice shooting at steel targets just feet away.

Now it is more realistic, because the deputies can get within feet of those steel targets, safely.

"They say about 70 percent of police shootings are at a distance of seven yards or closer. That's 21 feet," said Training Director Captain John Ostrander.

Now deputies are using BallistiClean ammunition in training, that will not ricochet like real bullets. "It's made of compressed cooper. And when it hits these steel targets, rather than ricochet, and come back and cause a hazard, it turns to a powder," Ostrander said.

Studies show most Police shootings are at targets just a few feet away. With the Ballisticlean Ammo, the deputies can fire several times at close range, without worry of getting hurt.

"We want our Deputies to be able to experience that our here, before they have to experience it on the street," said Ostrander.

The Ballisticlean Ammo costs about $75.00 more for one thousand rounds. But to better train their deputies, and reduce the chance of injury, it's well worth the cost.

Dougherty County deputies train five times a year with various firearms.


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