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Store owners, watch out for robbers

November 22, 2005

Camilla - As you watch the surveillance video, you'll see how suspicious the robber was from the time he entered the store. Police hope the tape will help catch the robber and show clerks how they may be able to spot a robber before he makes a move.

Watch as this man walks into the One Stop Convenience store on Broad Street in Camilla. His head is down, a hood hides most of his face from the camera as he walks to get a drink from the cooler. Investigator Vernon Nobles says, "One that would get your attention right off the bat would be somebody coming in with a hood on and leaving it on while they're inside the store."

The man brought the drink to the counter for check out, but when the clerk opened the cash register, the bandit pulled what looks like a gun, reached inside and grabbed about $700 in cash then ran out of the store.

Nobles says, "Keep very little money in the registers at all times. If they are hanging around in the parking lot and they are just looking, go ahead and call the police so we can come around and check them and see what's going on."

Nobles says he expects to see more crimes like these as the holidays near, but hopes this man will be locked up. If you see him, call the Camilla police department.

Police also recommend clerks who make night deposits call the police department for an escort to the bank and wait inside the store for the police to arrive.


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